Corel Painter 2016 redefines the industry’s most expressive digital art experience

Corel just released Painter 2016, the latest version of our industry-leading digital paint program. For any Painter user who is still running on a previous version, we invite you to check out this must-have update! With 131 brand new brushes, boosted performance and enhanced learning content, Painter 2016 is a dramatic leap forward and continues to set the standard in digital art. See for yourself with our free 30-day trial!


Painter is, and has always been, known for its vast collection of innovative brushes. We’ve built on that in Painter 2016, adding 131 new brush variations, the most in any version of Painter. But it’s not just about the numbers, it’s about the innovation behind these brushes. Our new Audio Expression brushes respond to sound by changing size, direction and color. You can turn on your favorite music and watch as the brushes react while you move the mouse or pen across the canvas. Have you ever wondered what your favorite song would look like? Now you can find out!

In Painter 2015, we added the revolutionary Particle brushes. Well, in Painter 2016, we took this a step further by allowing you to combine Particle technology with other brush types. Dynamic Speckles, for example, combine Particle system physics with brush thickness control, allowing you to create luscious Natural-Media brushstrokes. These speckles are truly dynamic, and are generated as you paint.

Dynamic Speckles

Dynamic Speckles

Our new Special Media mixing capabilities let you use particles with either Liquid Ink, Watercolor or Impasto to create a level of realism that has never been seen in the digital world. The creative possibilities available to you in Painter 2016 are unlike anything we’ve released before.

Special Media

Special Media

We’ve also listened to Painter artists, to gain a better understanding of what they want to see in newer versions of Painter. A common theme in this feedback was speed and performance. Well, ask and you shall receive!

If you thought Painter 2015 was fast, wait until you get your hands on 2016! The brushes in Painter 2016 are up to 3 times faster than Painter 2015, and 9 times faster than those found in Painter X3. This is by far the fastest and most stable version of Painter to date.

We’ve also added the ability to customize the user interface in more ways than ever before. You can set the color scheme to either dark, sepia, frost or default grey, giving you more control over your workspace. Tired of the same old background color? Change the UI background to any color on the Painter color wheel. It’s that simple!

New UI Options

New UI Options

Of course, we couldn’t list all the new features of Painter 2016 here. These are just a few highlights. For a complete list of what’s new in Painter 2016, or to try it for yourself, visit our website. If you’d like to see more artwork, or share your own, check out our Facebook page.

Happy Painting!

About Chris Pierce

Chris is the Product Manager for Corel Painter and all Digital Arts products. He is passionate about making Painter the most innovative and expressive digital art program available.
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