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Getting stARTed with digital art

So, you’re thinking of taking up digital art, eh? (Sorry, don’t mind the Canadian.) Digital art may seem intimidating, but with the right approach, anyone can master this evolving art form. Here are some steps to help you get started … Continue reading

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Take a leap into painting in air

“Wow!” That’s the first word that came to mind when I first experienced Leap painting. This is something you absolutely have to experience first-hand! Leap painting — the act of painting on a digital canvas by moving your hands and … Continue reading

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Lost in Space Covered in Paint: Creating one-of-a-kind art

Side Tracked Life gets busy and being a creative person makes it even busier. I don’t go to work 9 to 5 and then get to come home and play. I work all the time but for me it’s also … Continue reading

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Jeremy Sutton as Henri Matisse – Blending traditional art forms with digital possibilities

I am an artist, educator, Corel Painter Master and Photographic Craftsman who has used Painter since soon after its launch twenty years ago. I work across multiple media, blending the beauty, quality and texture of analog media with the spontaneity, … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new world: An inside look at Corel and Windows 8

Windows might have started out as as a twinkle in Bill Gates’ eye almost 30 years ago, but since then it’s gone on to become the most dominant operating system on the planet. Now, after a whole mess load of … Continue reading

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The Future of Graphics

The other day, I was reading a magazine on my bus ride home when something peculiar happened: as I reached the end of the page, I instinctively brought my finger to the paper and attempted to swipe up the text. … Continue reading

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We Design for Our Users

At last, the software industry gives increasing attention to the design of products, and for good reason. Corel has long been using user-centric design processes to ideate, evolve, and develop products that put the needs and wants of our users … Continue reading

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The Corel World # 12: The Top Five FREE Back to School Apps

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, despite what Alice Cooper would have us believe, school isn’t going to be out forever. In fact, as I write this, millions of students around the world are currently gearing up for … Continue reading

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The Corel World # 11: How to Create a Webcomic in Five Easy Steps

These days it seems like the internet was designed almost entirely for people to tweet about things they just ate, post photos on Instagram of things they’re about to eat, or find things on Facebook they’d like to eat in … Continue reading

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Mastering the new control possibilities in Painter 12.2

Recently we announced the launch of Painter 12.2 and introduced you to some exciting product updates: Vertical Docking, Flow Maps for watercolor brushes, multi-touch integration, and the ability to connect to our Cinco companion application for iPad. I wanted to … Continue reading

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